Guidelines for Creators

Privy is here to help you build a personal brand using social proof and offer a new way to engage with your audience! As a powerful online platform, Privy allows you to receive measurable feedback and attract more subscribers in return. Even better, you can use our amazing platform for free, although paid plan subscribers can unlock their review profiles to their full potential.


Who can and cannot write you a review:

Anyone who’s had any experience with your online content, including private messages, is able to write you a review.

However, people with conflicts of interest cannot write a review on your profile; this includes yourself, family, and friends. You also can’t review a competitor’s profile.


Asking for reviews:

 You can easily ask your community for reviews. While our free plan has a limit on how many reviews can be submitted per month, you can upgrade your Privy plan at any time to gain more.

Please remember that providing incentives or bribes in exchange for reviews is not allowed. These reviews aren’t considered genuine and will be removed.


Fake reviews:

 By the same token, don’t write or have anyone else write fake reviews. We have zero tolerance for this, and make use of a special software to catch and remove these kinds of suspicious reviews.


Be kind:

 We at Privy love to see creativity, but we also expect everyone to be respectful and add meaningful content to our platform – so please be nice, don’t be an asshole. When replying to reviews, we don’t tolerate harassing, hateful, discriminatory, or defamatory comments, including (but not limited to) obscene language. If there is clear evidence of blackmail/extortion and/or threats, you will be permanently banned from using our website.


No personal information:

 Your privacy and that of all our reviewers is extremely important to us. Be sure not to post any personal information – that includes names, phone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses, and anything else that could potentially be used for harmful or ill-intentioned purposes.


Flagging reviews:

We take defamatory reviews very seriously. Please don’t hesitate to report a review if it contains any words or statements that might cause harm to anyone’s reputation or financial loss. However, keep in mind that just because a review is negative doesn’t mean it’s defamatory.


Your creator account and review profile page:

 Claim your profile and get a creator’s account. You can use this to send invitations, reply to reviewers, and flag reviews that breach our guidelines. The information shown on your business profile page must be correct and not misleading.


Reviewers own their reviews:

All reviews are owned by the people who wrote them. This means they can edit, revise, update, or delete their reviews at any time. Profiles with reviews on them cannot be deleted. At Privy we believe in transparency.


Flagging reviews:

 Help us protect the integrity of our platform by letting us know about any problematic reviews you come across, especially if you have proof. However, please only flag reviews if you know them to be a genuine problem. We’ll have one of our support staff review it and make a decision about whether to remove it, ask the reviewer to edit it, or leave it up as is.


Breaking up:

 Privy is all about supporting and encouraging freedom of speech and self-expression, but some content will not be tolerated. Please be aware that we will delete review replies if they break our guidelines.

Blatant misuse of our platform will result in your account being deactivated, along with a consumer warning on it, and even if you’re a paid subscriber, your working relationship will be terminated with no refund.


We have the final say:

 The above are just guidelines, and we maintain the right to interpret them as we see fit. We welcome all content creators, but to be very clear, we have the final say. We may also update these guidelines at any time. If you need more information or clarity about the above guidelines, please feel free to contact our customer support (linked) team – we’ll gladly answer all questions that come our way.